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• Experienced fleet marketing team

• Consolidated Direct Bill Program

• SMS has Partner with DAS in Lancaster, PA. Program lights:


Experienced fleet marketing team

Personalized fuel marketers for your stop. We work with all fleets and aggregators to establish, increase, and maintain fleet business with your truck stop. We will complete all administration for the set up of new accounts and discounts to fleets for your truck stop. We will call on and are accountable to specific leads from your location in a timely manner. Discounts to fleets are based on the fuel volumes at your facility only, at your approval, as opposed to charging your stop for discounts based on the entire network volumes.

We differentiate ourselves by keeping the network small so that we may work closely with our member locations. Other networks have hundreds of stops, some that actually compete with other stops within the same network. Our design is to maintain a small core of stops so that we may provide a quick break even of the marketing fee and continue to work with the facility to increase monthly gallons with no additional costs or fees.

Our approach to marketing is not to sell the whole network with an across the board standard discount and wait to see if this results in increased gallons. Our fuel marketing is more targeted since we work with fleet owners to identify purchase areas for specific SMS member stops. We also realize that more gallons correspond to increased revenue in other profit centers at the facility.

Consolidated Direct Bill Program

SMS, Inc offers the fleet and truck stop the advantage of a consolidated direct bill program for the SMS, Inc network. This program is in place for the fleets that only use direct billing. Unlike other companies, we do not hold your funds but make the transfer into your account the day that we receive them.

SMS, Inc. Purchasing Discounts

Our main focus is to increase your fuel business but we will always pursue and offer opportunities to enhance your profits and reduce your expenses. At the request of some of the owners of our membership we established discounts with several select vendors.

  • DAS (C-store) – Corporate pricing discounts with rebates with number one rated wholesaler
  • Discount on Truck Stop Retail Fuel Pricing Services On-line
  • Discounts on transaction fees
  • Credit Card Processing – Large savings may result with an analysis of your current program.
    A location may have a low rate processing rate but there may be additional hidden charges. Send two months of statements to verify your total charges and potential for reduced expenses.
  • DEF group pricing – RelaDyne has a partnership with SMS stops for competitive DEF bulk or container sales. The program also includes expert assistance in optimal bulk solutions, forecasting, and sourcing equipment.

SMS has Partner with DAS in Lancaster, PA. Program Highlights:


Benefits for converting to DAS:

97% fill rate
Access to high quality name brand products that we have exclusively
Service / Store Support
– store support by a DAS Sales Associate, no corporate responsibilities, solely responsibilities to independent and regional chain locations.

Account Manager / Inside Support

– Dedicated SMS Account Manager , including inside support

Marketing Support

– Competitive pricing : Exclusive Pricing for SMS membership
– Customized SMS flyer

If any of you are interested in meeting with a DAS representative or if you have any questions about their services, contact Adam Birli at DAS.
He can be reached at 717-383-2534 or 800-251-9104.

SMS, Inc. Partners:

Truck Stop Sales:

Denee Davis

Phone & Fax: 615-790-1627

Susanne Elliot

Phone & Fax: 270-821-7904